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Search Engine Marketing strategies

Online Search Engine Marketing strategies  

Online Search Engine Marketing strategies have changed drastically, but thankfully this is pleasant news as it helps build a solid foundation with real value for marketing success. “Search” has developed a far greater than other marketing disciplines and this makes the game harder, requiring you to become more educated with the rules.

Going mobile means that pages should be easily accessible from phones, tablets, and computers alike.

Structural issues should be dealt with as quickly as possible, enabling you to focus on content and basic on-page optimization. Google, for instance, wants to put the best at the top with Online strategies.


Search engine marketing strategies


Every search channel you use has algorithms that can be learned and utilized to enhance your business traffic.

Online Search Engine Marketing strategies are not just about Google, it’s about the right content on the right channel, attracting the right customers–this goes for all the channels you can use, not just Google and YouTube.

The three stages of search engine marketing each have two priorities: First being the intent and context, which is what customers will search and why they are searching for it. (E.g. Find B&B, anniversary coming up)

Second, being an asset and channel that pertains to what asset will satisfy the search and where to find it. (E.g. Video, YouTube)

Thirdly, being optimization and ascension which is how the prospect can find the asset and what will the next step in the consumer’s journey be. 

Best Search Engine Marketing strategies

SEM is by definition the promotion of your website by increasing visibility in search results through paid and unpaid efforts which could be the “pay per click” method.

SEM networks are self-serve operations by which they select suitable keywords and phrases and adding a location in the ad or bidding on the price you will pay per click. Primary search networks that Google Ads and Bing Ads, of which Google ads being twice the size, would be the more expensive of the two. 

Grabbing the attention of your prospects at the right time by providing quick and easy to implement measurable tools to help raise awareness that will certainly put you a notch above the rest! Contact us for more information.


Search Engine Marketing strategies


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