Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

28th August 2019 60 By Curte Luthere

Social Media Marketing specialist


Social Media Marketing is about being a specialist in getting the message out to the places people hang out daily, putting on social media. Businesses should fully leverage this platform and not only dabble because it has more to offer if used correctly.

The four stages of a successful social cycle are: Listening, Influencing, Networking, and selling. These being verbs, which are DOING words, so no time for laziness.

Listening requires that you monitor and respond to customer service and reputation issues as speedily as possible, influencing establishes authority is often through the distribution of the sharing of valuable content and post manually or using automation tools

The networking aspect of the cycle is the active finding and associating with authoritative and influential individuals and brands on the social web, leaving the final step to come into play–selling.

Generating leads and sales from existing consumers and prospects is the payoff after the hard work is complete.


Social Media Marketing specialist


Social Media Marketing specialist listening

The goals of listening should be to track the perception of your brand by others and identify topics that need to be discussed to draw the attention of the consumers.

Performing customer research could help you gain that advantage, as you sort out any occurring problems in record time and nipping any future issues in the bud!

Social influencing is there to lead and direct public opinions, attitudes, and behaviors, increasing traffic numbers by also developing a greater Mindshare. The freedom of speech is powerful, and for business, the public loves to have a say.

Social Media Marketing is the one that connects you to other influencers and authorities which help you expand into new markets by posting content on platforms such as

Facebook and Twitter. Always try to attract happy clients by sharing useful content and brands they can trust, enticing the inquisitive minds of the prospects. Overtime transforming goodwill into a profitable partnership.


Social selling is interesting, especially after all the listening to prospects, building authority and establishing strong networks, you can lay the offer on the table and start earning.

Generating leads to grow your email list and increasing buyer frequency can transform your business into something spectacular that you should be proud of. YOU WILL NEVER LOOK BACK!


Social Media Marketing specialist